I was born (1952) and raised on a cattle ranch near the town of Council in west central  

 Idaho. I still live in this beautiful, forested area where my grandparents

on both sides homesteaded early in the 20th Century.

In my 20s, I spent four years traveling the West in a country-rock band.

While performing in Seattle in 1976, I saw scrimshaw for the first time,

fell in love with the detail that is possible, and started trying my hand at it.

After returning to my ranching roots, I started doing scrimshaw for the Buck Knife Company,

working on several hundred limited edition knives in the 1980s.

I no longer help run the family ranch.

I scrimshaw part time, and also work as a writer, having written two books on local history

and am working on a third. I write a weekly history column for the local newspaper

and manage the Council historical museum.

I also have a bluegrass band in which I sing and play several instruments.

My wife, Anna, is the Council Postmaster.

Anna & Me


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