So, you may ask, where in the world is Council, Idaho? First, find North America on your globe. Next find the United States. Then, up in the left hand corner, between Washington and Oregon on the left, and Montana and Wyoming on the right, and just below Canada, is IDAHO:

Interstate 84 runs across the southern part of the state. Highway 95 runs north and south through Idaho and intersects I 84. Council is about 80 miles north (1.5 hours) off the freeway on Hwy. 95. You may have heard of McCall, Idaho--ski and resort town. We're 45 minutes southwest of McCall.
Sorry, we don't grow many potatoes around Council--mostly cattle, alfalfa, barley, oats, good lookin' women, real men and hot* musicians.
*Well, warm anyway.
At least in the summer.

Our festival is held at the cool & shady

Veteran's Memorial Peace Park

2046 Hwy 95

at the north edge of town, along Highway 95.

Signs will be posted.

You can't miss it!

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