Inuit (Eskimo)

This is a favorite image of mine that I've scrimshawed on several pieces. I think the reference photo was taken by Edward Curtis; it was on the cover of Alaska Magazine. He is some kind of shaman.

I had a photo of a little girl and then snuggled this puppy in with her.

Above Left: fossilized walrus chunk. Right: Some kind of Inuit artifact.

This little girl is cutting the eye out of a fish to eat they eyeball. Cute, huh?

One of my busiest scenes.

Family on mammoth ivory chunk.

Taken from a photo by Edward Curtis of an Inuit man named "Jackson."

This is a typical "ice axe"--an Inuit artifact used to chop holes in ice and other chores. I've scrimshawed a number of these. This one was about 10" long; some are twice that, like the one below.

An very old, very discolored ice axe.

Small, fossilized tusks.